Ice Cream and Candy Galore At
"Ganley's Malt Shoppe"

Winter Hours

Malt Shoppe is closed.
Malts & Ice Cream are
available in the Restaurant

Ice Cream Girls
Ice Cream Cones Malt & Shake Flavors
(Choose any ice cream flavor)
Single Cone $2.99   Chocolate
Double Cone $3.98   Strawberry
Single Waffle Cone $4.25   Vanilla
Double Waffle Cone $4.95   Raspberry
Drinks     Caramel
Root Beer $2.50   Peanut Butter
Root Beer Float $3.25   Mint
Malts & Shakes $4.25   S'mores
      Cake Batter
      Blueberry Pie
      Cake Batter
      Hot Cocoa

Corner Tables stone wall

We are very sorry but we do not accept credit cards.
For your convenience we have an ATM on the premises.